The Research Team

Eamonn P. Kelly is the Keeper of Irish Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland and he has been engaged in personal research into the longphort of Linn Duachaill since the 1990s. He has published a number of works relating to Viking longphorts in Ireland and has undertaken the comparative studies in relation to the longphort of Linn Duachaill.

His published works on longphorts include the following:

Longphort Rothlaibh, (Dunrally Fort), Co. Laois:

Kelly, E.P., & Maas, J, ‘Vikings on the Barrow: Dunrally Fort, a possible Viking longphort in Co. Laois’, Archaeology Ireland, vol. 9, no. 3, Autumn 1995, 30-32.
Kelly, E.P., & Maas, J, ‘The Vikings and the Kingdom of Laois’, Laois History & Society, Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County, P.G. Lane, W. Nolan, (eds.), Geography Publications, Dublin, 123-159.

Fairyhill, near Athlunkard, Co. Clare:

Kelly, E.P., & O’Donovan, E, ‘A Viking longphort near Athlunkard, Co. Clare’, Archaeology Ireland, vol. 12, no. 4, Winter 1998, 13-16.

Knoxpark, Co. Sligo.

Kelly, E.P., ‘Re-evaluation of a supposed inland promontory fort: Knoxspark, Co. Sligo – Iron Age fortress or Viking stronghold’, in G. Cooney, K. Becker, J. Coles, M. Ryan & S. Sievers eds., Relics of Old Decency: archaeological studies in later prehistory. Festschrift for Barry Raftery, Wordwell, Dublin, 485-497.

Athlumney , Co. Meath

A site published in the early 1980s at Athlumney, Co. Meath may be the site of the Viking fortress of  Dún Dubchomair (a proposed identification was made by Dr. Mark Clinton).
Kelly, E.P., ‘Recent Investigations at Navan’, Riocht na Midhe: Records of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society, vol. 7 (2), 1982-83, 76-85.

Kellysgrove, Co. Roscommon

An enclosure on the bank of the River Suck at Kellysgrove, Co. Roscommon may be the site of a small Viking longphort.
Kelly, E.P., ‘Investigation of Ancient Fords on the River Suck’, Inland Waterways News, vol. 20, No. 1, January 1993, 4-5.

Viking settlement on the Atlantic coast

Eamonn P. Kelly has also published papers on Viking settlement in the west of Ireland:
E.P. Kelly, ‘The Vikings in Connemara’, The Viking Age: Ireland and the West. Papers from the Proceedings of the Fifteenth Viking Congress, Cork, 18-27 August 2005, ed. J. Sheehan & D’Ó Corráin, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2010, 174-187.
Gibbons, E.K., & Kelly, E.P., ‘A Viking Age Farmstead in Connemara’, Archaeology Ireland, vol. 17, no. 1, Spring 2003, 28-32.


Dr. Mark Clinton is Chairman of An Taisce’s National Monuments and Antiquities Committee. He is a field archaeologist, researcher and Early and Medieval historian. His book ‘The Souterrains of Ireland, Wordwell, 2001, is the definitive textbook on the subject. Dr Clinton also published a detailed study of settlement patterns in ancient Leinster, both Irish and Viking.
Clinton, M., ‘Settlement patterns in the early historic kingdom of Leinster (seventh-mid twelfth centuries)’, Seanchas: Studies in Early and Medieval Irish Archaeology, History and Literature in Honour of Francis John Byrne, ed. Alfred P. Smyth, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2000,275–298.

Dún Dubchomair, Co. Meath

In 2000 Dr. Clinton identified an earthwork at Athlumney, Co. Meath as the likely site of the Viking fortress of Dún Dubchomair:
Clinton, M., ‘Settlement dynamics in Co. Meath: the kingdom of Loegaire’, Peritia, vol. 14, 2000, 372-405.

Dr. Clinton has undertaken extensive historical research into Linn Duachaill including genealogical research on the Clintons, whose ancestral lands in Ireland included Linns, Co. Louth.

In September 2010 Dr. Clinton directed the three week programme of excavation undertaken at Linn Duachaill that positively identified the site for the first time. The excavation team included professional archaeologists contracted from Archer Heritage Planning – Archaeology & Heritage Consultants, as well as volunteers. The excavation team included researcher John Maas who has published longphort papers in collaboration with Eamonn P. Kelly as well as the following:
Maas, J., ‘Longphort, Dún, and Dúnad in the Irish Annals of the Viking Period’, Peritia, vol. 20, 2008, 257-275.


Micheál McKeown is an artist and historian who is a resident of Co. Louth. A long- term member of the Louth Archaeological and Historical Society he is a contributor to its journal. This includes his 2005 paper on the longphort of Linn Duachaill.
McKeown, M., ‘Annagassan: a study of the Viking longphort’, County Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal, vol. 26, no. 1, 2005, 67-79.

Micheál McKeown has undertaken extensive cartographical research on Linn Duachaill as well as researching local folklore relating to the site, and local place names. He has visited the site regularly over a period of years and found a number of artefacts that are now in the County Museum, Dundalk, including a Viking hone stone.

In 2008 it was Micheál who organised and directed a field search by volunteers of a part of the longphort site. Important information was obtained from this including an indication of Late Mesolithic activity on the site.

Micheál was a member of the team involved in the 2010 excavation where he was responsible for recording finds and keeping a site diary. A skilled illustrator, he has also had the responsibility for producing publication drawings of artefacts from the site.


In addition to the publications cited above, the following publications relating to longphorts are recommended:

Linn Duachaill
Leslie, Revd J.B., History of Kilsaran, Dundalk, 1908.
Wright, T., Louthiana, Book 1, London, 1748.

Ballaghkeeran Little, Co. Westmeath.
Fanning, T., ‘Ballaghkeeran Little, Athlone, Co. Westmeath’, Medieval Archaeology, volume. 27, 1983, 221.

Dun Mainne, Td. Rath More, Co. Kerry
Connolly, M., & Coyne, F., with Lynch, L.G., Underworld: Death and burial in Cloghermore Cave, Co. Kerry, Wordwell, Bray, Co. Wicklow, 2005.

Shandon, Co. Waterford.
Information on this site can be accessed via the Eachtra Archaeological Projects webpage that also provides a link to a Web based slideshow of images of the excavation and finds.

Woodstown, Co. Waterford
Russell, I.R., Harrison, S.H., Nicholls, J., Kinsella, J., McNamara, S., & O’Hare, M., Woodstown 6 Supplementary Research Project, S.H. Harrison (ed), Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd, Drogheda, Co. Louth, 2007.

Etchingham, C., ‘Evidence of Scandinavian Settlement in Wicklow’, Wicklow History and Society. Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County, ed. Hannigan, K., & Nolan, W., Geography Publications, Dublin, 1994, 113-138.

Sheehan, J., ‘The Longphort in Viking Age Ireland’, Acta Archaeologica, vol. 79, 2008, 282-295.